Kolberg Creative Services is striving to help businesses that are being negatively affected by social distancing due to the Coronavirus. Here are some ways to stay profitable and keep your customers engaged and your doors open…even if it’s online.

Live stream events

Rather than cancelling your events due to the Coronavirus, let us help you set up a way to live stream your events to keep your customers entertained, educated, and engaged. Whether your event is a speaker, conference, concert, presentation, product or service announcement, celebrations, meetings, workshops, receptions, we have a various options to choose from. We can cater your live streaming to fit how your target audience prefers to interact with your brand. You can even take customer questions and answer them live during your streaming event.

Offer online instruction

Give your clients the option of receiving instruction online, rather than in person. This is a great option for teachers, tutors, coaches, anyone that would normally meet one-on-one or in groups to provide instruction. Whether you need to set up live interactions with your clients, or you want to create an online course that you clients can take on their own time, we can get you set up and teaching again right away.

Set up an online shop

Keep your sales consistent by selling your items online while customers are staying home due to the Coronavirus. Whether it’s through your website, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, or Houzz, we can help you sell your products worldwide by setting up an online shop for your in no time. Let us help make your customers aware that they can buy online directly from you, without having to leave the house. Keep your doors open…online!

Produce videos for social media

Keep your customers informed by producing videos that can be posted to your social media. Videos are the number one way to attract the attention of you customers. We can produce professional, catchy videos to keep your brand top of mind.

Distribute Press releases

Write and distribute press releases to local media to highlight how your business is pivoting to address the changes causes by the Cornonavirus. Let your clients know that you are still open for business, even if it’s switched to being online. We can get your word out to dozens of media outlets in locally, regionally, and nationally.

Enhance your SEO

To ensure that potential clients are able to easily find you, make sure that your Search Engine Optimization is accurate and reflects recent changes you may have made to your business. We can assist with researching the best keywords to describe what your business is offering and then update your website to reflect those changes.

We are here for you and happy to help during these uncertain times.

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